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Home Made Ice Tea

Banana Palm Beach

Palm Beach Tea | Grenadine Syrup | Banana Juice

With alcohol:

Bacardi Carta Blanca | Cococnut Syrup


Spring Tonic

Spring Tonic Green Tea | Lime Juice | Sugar Syrup | Tonic Water | Fresh Mint | Cucumber Slices

With alcohol:

Vodka | Triple Sec


Fruity Assam

Assam Meleng Tea | Sugar Syrup | Mango Syrup | Orange Wedges | Lime Wedges

With alcohol:

Vodka | Triple Sec


5 Euro | 10 Euro with alcohol

Jazz Bar

Mo-Su: 05:00 pm-1:00 am
Bar Menu: 2:00–6:00pm
Domagkstraße 26, 80807 München
+49 89 36001 6007
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