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Wiesn Do's & Don'ts

Dancing & swaying

“Schlager” hits at maximum volume, a boisterous atmosphere and Oktoberfest beer – even people who normally hate to dance find themselves moving to the music. Dancing and swaying on the beer benches is, of course, allowed here. All this exuberant fun should, however, take place within certain limits: this is to say that anyone who takes it up a level and climbs onto the tables must expect to be thrown out.


The more satisfied the serving staff are, the better the beer tent atmosphere is. It is best to already give a generous tip in advance and to always be friendly. This is because those serving you decide how quickly you are provided with food and drink.

Wies’n outfit

Of course, to fit in perfectly with the goings-on on the Wies’n, the outfit also has to be right for the occasion! As we all know, the men wear lederhosen and the women wear a pretty dirndl. But it all depends on the details: one should refrain from wearing dirndls that do not reach down over the knees. Combining sneakers with typical Bavarian costumes or hats is also not in keeping with Bavarian tradition.

The Dirndl bow

Single, spoken for or still available? If you want to know more about the relationship status of a pretty dirndl-wearer, you can take a look at the dirndl’s bow:

  • If the bow is positioned to the right, the lady in question would like to keep her distance from flirting Oktoberfest visitors because she is in a relationship or even married.
  • If the dirndl bow is tied in the middle, then according to tradition this means that the wearer is a virgin.
  • If the bow is worn on the left of the dirndl, this means that the wearer is single and can be asked to dance.
  • If the bow is tied at the back, this indicates that the wearer is widowed or that she is your waitress!