The 185th Munich Oktoberfest

185th Munich Oktoberfest | September 22nd to October 07th, 2018

The Oktoberfest beer tents

It is true that the Oktoberfest-visitor doesn’t have it easy: with 14 tents to choose from, and each one more awesome than the other! In order to facilitate the choice, we have gathered all relevant information regarding the tents including pictures and a short description of each.

The Oktoberfest 2017 roundup
6.2 million visitors, 127 oxen and 59 calves - the 2017 Oktoberfest roundup!
The 184th Oktoberfest started on September 17th as it ended on October 3rd: cool and rainy. In between, however, late summer weather attracted Oktoberfest fans from Munich and all over the world. They got to enjoy a traditional Oktoberfest, as Wiesn-boss Joseph Schmid put it.

Strolls without any hurry, open tents and a relaxed atmosphere were typical for this year's Wiesn. The visitors felt safe and felt positive about the new security concept with the new fence, additional stewards and luggage checks.

An estimated 6.2 million (2016: 5.6 million) came to the Oktoberfest..

Italians preferred the last Oktoberfest week end this year. Camping sites reported guests from Italy, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Uruguay and the USA.

Officials, tent proprietors, carnies and vendors were pleased with the Oktoberfest.

Food and drinks
Toni Roiderer, the tent proprietor spokesman, reports a drop i consumption of food and drink of 12-15 percent in comparison to last year. In the Ochsenbraterei 127 oxen (2016: 109 oxen) were consumed, in the Kalbsbraterei it was 59 calves.

No "mugging"!
Tent security have took 96.000 mugs from souvenir hunters at the exits of the tents and the festival grounds. Mayor Joseph Schmid assumes that stealing the beer mugs is like a sport to some people.

Due to the weather, carnies only got a "regular" Oktoberfest. Activities like the shooting or throwing galleries were most popular this year.

Souvenirs, Souvenirs
The official Oktoberfest mug with this year's logo on it was popular among collectors from all over the world. From the Wiesn post office, most mugs were sent to Australia, New Zealand, France and the USA. Mail to Scandinavia has increased, too.
Moving funny hats were regular and exhilarating sight.
Mugs and Oktoberfest-souvenirs can also be comfortably ordered at the

The Wiesn-Hit

The most popular song at the 2017 Oktoberfest was again „Hulapalu“ by Andreas Gabalier.

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